Zyla 1
Zac Lyla - Wrecking Ball (Mako Mermaids)

Zac Lyla - Wrecking Ball (Mako Mermaids)

Status: Long-Distance Close Friends; Crushes (Lyla decided to join another pod, with Nixie)

Zyla Is the fandom shipping of Zac and Lyla. This is the friendship and possible romantic pairing of Zac and Lyla.

Their Friendship

Lyla first sees Zac when he falls into the moon pool she and the other mermaids, Sirena and Nixie are hanging out in on a full moon. The leaders of the pod blamed Lyla and her two best friends for Zac's fall, and vanquish them from the pod. They realize that the way to rejoin their fellow mermaids is to ask for forgiveness by turning Zac back into a human boy, as he is now a merman. Their friendship began with Lyla using him as a way to get back into the pod. She wins him over, but not before he thinks she is weird. He learns to like her, and she continues to try to change him back. She soon realizes she is actually beginning to like Zac for real. But all would change after he found out the truth about her...

Their Rivalry

When Zac discovers she is a mermaid, he feels betrayed. He believes she wanted the Trident for herself. This was not the truth, as Lyla tried to convince him. She had believed the trident would kill him. After this, war breaks out. While he tries to get the Trident, she tries to stop him.

Their rivalry ends when Zac accidentally knocks her unconscious and realizes she was telling the truth about the Trident and even though Nixie tries to stop the two, the two become friends again.

Zac and Lyla Moments 

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