Zac Blakely
Full Name

Zac Blakely





Resides In

Lives in Zac's Garage


Lifeguard (formerly)


Suncoast High


Rob Blakely (adoptive father)
Lauren Blakely (adoptive mother)
Nerissa (biological mother)


Mimmi (biological sister)


Evie (girlfriend)
Lyla (crush)


Cam (best mate)
Lyla (close friend)
Sirena (friend)
Nixie (friend)
Ondina (friend)
David (friend)
Carly (friend)
Erik (ex-good friend/both are mermen)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


Speed Swimming
Volume Reduction


1, 2, 3 4

First Seen


Portrayed By

Chai Romruen

Zac Blakely is the main character in Mako Mermaids. He was born as a merman to Nerissa and has a sister called Mimmi. Zac's whole life changed when he went camping on Mako Island together with Cam, his best friend. Zac accidentally fell into the Moon Pool during a full moon. Which broke the spell that prevented him from getting a tail when he would touch the water.

Zac is a typical teenage boy who grew up on the Gold Coast. He thought he had a perfect life, he got good grades, he had parents who allowed him to do what he wanted and gave him his own home in theirs, and a gorgeous girlfriend, Evie. This perfect life comes to an end when Zac went camping together with Cam on Mako during a full moon. Zac took off in the forest to "take a leak", after which an opening to a cave appeared. He entered the cave and started exploring it. He ended up staring at a weird wall with a trident symbol in the middle. Out of curiosity, he reaches out his hand to the trident symbol and touches it. The solid ground where he was standing on was opening up and Zac felt through the solid ground into the Moon Pool.

When this happened, there were three mermaids in the Moon Pool called Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena. They were celebrating the full moon when Zac fell in. They were shocked and brought him to the beach.

The next morning, Zac woke up on the beach of Mako, with only the memory that he discovered the entrance to the weird cave, and nothing else. Zac returned to Cam, and explained what he saw, to Cam's disbelief. Zac wanted to show Cam the entrance, but when he arrived together with Cam at the cave entrance, the entrance was gone. Zac didn´t understand how that was possible, and he wanted to leave the island as soon as possible because he wasn´t feeling comfortable.

In the meantime, Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena were discussing their problem. Sirena's sister Aquata and Aquata's best friend Maya, discoverd what has happened, and they tell the pod. The council was furious. In the meantime, Nixie, Lyla and Sirena went checking out on Zac to determine if he has gotten powers.

Zac strongly believed something happened on Mako Island that night, and when he returned to the mainland, and to his and the mermaids shock can bend water. Still in shock, Zac runs to the Café to tell Cam of his new ability. When Zac wanted to show Cam his discovery, it doesn't work because the three mermaids were stopping him with their powers. Cam walked away and Zac tried again. The hose powerfully shot out water and caused him to get wet. He fell into the water. Soon after, he hit the water, and to his shock a long, ocean blue tail formed. Zac then swam away from the situation and climbed onto the jetty at his home. He dried off his tail, and he got his legs back, and he walked away. He decided to show Cam his new abilities and Cam quickly became fascinated.

The mermaids befriend Zac after informing him that they know about his powers. As Zac's ego grew, he started to see himself as a better person than everyone else which resulted in Cam's interest and motivation to support his friend quickly turned to jealousy. This becomes clear when the negative side of being a merman began to take a toll on Zac. As it became harder for Zac to keep his secret, it also became harder for Cam to help Zac. Zac later discovered a trident, and became obsessed by it, but decided at the end of the season to put it back where it came from because he did hurt Lyla.

Evie eventually found out about Zac, and the mermaids secret and Zac promised Evie and the three mermaids that he would give up his powers. At the end of season one, Cam betrayed Zac by getting the trident and going to the Moon Pool on a full moon with the trident to destroy the Moon Pool. With Zac's help, the mermaids were able to stop Cam and Zac destroyed the trident. Despite being in the moon pool on a full moon, Zac didn't lose his powers. Zac broke off his friendship with Cam and Evie accepted that her boyfriend was a merman.

Season 2

In season 2, things seemed to be going perfectly for Zac. He did lose a friend but was still happy with the way it all went. He now was completely happy with being a merman since he no longer had to lie to his girlfriend Evie. However, things in his life got complicated. The seventh full moon since Zac became a merman was about to come, and two new mermaids Ondina and Mimmi decided that they had to take away his powers before he entered the seventh cycle.

These mermaids purpose was to finish what Sirena once began, but Sirena believed that there's no way to turn Zac back into a land boy because she already tried. Sirena told this to the two new mermaids, but they didn´t believe her. Mimmi made a potion that contained the power of 50 moons. They decided to let Zac go to Mako, and used the potion on him during the full moon. Evie followed Zac to the Moon Pool and found the Moon Pool. But the potion was already activated when she arrived in the Moon Pool, and she absorbed the potion its powers.

The next day, Zac went checking out on Evie how she felt and if she's okay with the mermaid thing, and she told Zac that she wasn´t a mermaid because she took a shower that morning without getting a tail, but when she showed Zac, she got a tail, and Evie wasn´t happy with that. She demanded the three mermaids to find a way to turn her back into a normal girl.

There were also more complications with Zac's growing connection to Mako. This included a discovery of an ancient old Merman Chamber which also attracted Erik's interest. Erik was the new merman in season 2. Zac awakened the chamber by moving his hand over a rock with some blue glowing symbols, which included a symbol of a moonrise, an island, a full moon, the Moon Pool and a trident. It became clear that Zac was the only one capable of controlling the chamber, and he also became obsessed with finding out its purpose, and why he´s connected to it. Also in this season, Zac got visions. He could see what Mimmi saw when she's afraid and Mimmi could see what Zac saw or dreamed. They were wondering why. They discovered that it's not the island at all, but their bloodline. Mimmi was actually his long lost sister. Zac learned that he was actually born as a merman and that he was the son of Nerissa, the most powerful mermaid ever existed. This discovery was too much for Zac and he began pushing those close to him away. His whole life was a lie. His mom was not his mom and his dad was not his dad. Eventually, he learned to accept who he really was after Mimmi reminded him that he had a family who cared about him, loved him and treated him as their real son. He then reconnected with all the people he cared about, including Cam and, accepted Mimmi as his sister. after this, the connection between him and his newfound sister was growing very strong throughout the second half of season 2. Both of them seemed to be extremely caring and protective of each other.

At the end of season 2, Zac decided to not activate and use the chamber, but Erik thought different about that. He found out that the chamber could only be activated by the trident stone, and he went looking for the trident stone. Erik found the trident stone and took away Zac's powers with it, but he invited Zac to be in the merman chamber when Erik would activate it because Zac was still a merman. Zac tried to stop Erik but got hurt, and Zac couldn´t stand up. Erik activated the chamber, but he didn´t realize that he would also destroy the mermaid he loved so much, Ondina. Erik tried to shut it down but fails. Zac also tried and succeeds, but his life energy was drawn out of him by the trident stone, and Zac got unconscious. Mimmi saved Zac's life by putting the trident stone on the chest of Zac, and Erik was never seen again.

Season 3

In this season, Zac actually didn't really play the main character of Mako Mermaids in the beginning. In the beginning, it was all going about a girl named Weilan. Weilan was a mermaid too, and she lived in China. But on a full moon when she´s at a Chinese feast, she got wet and jumped into the water, and that´s the moment the Water Dragon appeared for the first time in the series. Weilan managed to escape and fled to Rita because she's threatened by the water dragon. This dragon could take away a mermaid and merman's tail and powers, and it´s meant to destroy pods. But the dragon followed her to the Gold Coast where Rita lived.

Weilan heard about Zac from Mimmi, and she was very excited to meet Zac. After this, Evie had leave because Evie got her Moon Ring and she´s invited to celebrate her first full moon with the pod. But when she arrived at Mako, together with Mimmi and Ondina, the terrifying dragon appeared, and Zac got a vision that his sister Mimmi was threatened by a dragon. Zac and Weiland swam to the mermaids, but before they arrived, the dragon got distracted by the boat of David´s brother. This is how Weilan could warn everyone, and they all escaped the dragon. At Rita´s, they warned Veridia, and Weilan told everyone what the dragon was doing here, and what its purpose was.

During this season, Zac managed to learn a Chinese trick from Weilan, Turning The Tide. He hoped that he could destroy the dragon with this trick. On a full moon, he managed to get the dragon inside the Moon Pool. But he's shocked when he saw Evie there, waiting for him. Evie lost her powers and her tail.

Later in the season, Zac and his sister Mimmi, discovered that the dragon could be their mother, so they went to Veridia, to beg her to not attack the dragon. But Veridia didn´t saw another way out, and had no mercy. Weilan found out that they needed a bracelet to break the spell, and free Nerissa, but Rikki Chadwick had the bracelet, and she's not planning to give the bracelet to the mermaids. Zac distracted the security, so Weilan, Ondina and Mimmi could go talking with Rikki again. She again said that she's not planning to give the bracelet to the mermaids. But when Ondina and Weilan went talking to Rikki again in the Moon Pool, they managed to convince her to give them the bracelet. Zac wanted to take the bracelet, but Rita said that Mimmi should be the one to take the bracelet, so she took it and put it on her arm. She went together with Zac, Weilan and Ondina to the dragon on a full moon, and she broke the spell, but Mimmi is nowhere to be seen. Zac and Ondina were screaming Mimmi's name, and then she appeared, with Nerissa. Nerissa, Mimmi and Zac were reunited again and they all went to Rita´s grotto. There, Nerissa explained what happened to her and how she became the dragon. Nerissa promised to never ever leave Zac and Mimmi alone again.


Zac is a tall and smart guy. His skin is a little bit darker than a white person, but not that much. He is a muscular guy and he is a real merman, not a land boy who became a merman. He has black hair and black eyebrows. His eyes are brown. His tail is ocean blue. He has a sister in the series called Mimmi. His real mother in Mako Mermaids is Nerissa. His connection to Mako is strong.


Zac possesses the ability to transform into a merman ten seconds after touching the water.

Speed Swimming

As a merman, he has the ability to swim at a super speed of 600km/h, hold his breath for more than 20 minutes, and dive at a depth lower than the deepest divers in the world.  After drying off his tail, his body transforms back to human form, and his clothes are automatically dry.


In "Dolphin Tale", he starts a funny situation with Joe's boat and starts moving it with his powers. In "Zac's Return to Mako", when he is under the influence of the Full Moon, Lyla tried to stop him from reaching the land entrance and he pushed her using this power. 


When he is showing Cam that he turned into a merman, he creates a ball made out of the water and throws it at him.


In "Zac's Pool Party", Zac shows us this power using it to heat up the pool and it evaporates so he can cancel Evie's pool party.


After his first Full Moon in "Zac's Return to Mako", he is now able to become invisible like the girls. In "The Siren" Zac turns invisible so Mrs. Santos doesn't see him in her office. In "Truce" and "Nowhere to Hide" he uses this power so he doesn't get caught in the cafe and the warehouse.

Volume Reduction

Zac used this power to improve Cam and Carly's singing in "Sirena's Secret".



 Zac is very fond of Evie and cares very much about her and wants to be a good boyfriend. Their relationship becomes very strained because Zac is hiding his secret from her, and even more when Lyla and Zac become close friends. Evie is the only person he does not want to discover his merman side for fear of losing her. She later finds out to about his tail when he is forced to save her from drowning in Betrayed. During season 2, they continue to date and grow closer as best friends and as a couple. They grow even more close when Evie accidentally becomes a mermaid after trying to save him from a new group of mermaids in the town. She continues to support him and offered him emotional support after he found out about his adoption. She also loses her tail in season 3 because she's hit by the dragon's fire breath. This fire breath can take away merpeople their tail and powers.


 Zac and Cam have been best mates from the time they were young children. At the first look, Cam is very supportive of his friend and helps him keeping Zac's secret hidden from Evie. Until "Zac's Pool Party" when Cam get tired of covering for him and Cam pushes Zac into his pool, Zac's secret is then exposed to the three undercover mermaids. Later, they solve their problems and Cam starts helping Zac to get the trident. Later, Cam grows even more jealous of his friend's powers and is outraged when Zac puts the trident back into the chamber. Finally, he tries to become a merman but is unsuccessful and in the end, he is on his own. After Cam helps Zac in season 2 with other oceanic issues, they finally reconnect their friendship, though they aren't as close as they were.


Zac's girlfriend Evie gets jealous of Lyla after seeing them 'cuddling' on the jetty. Lyla and Zac become really close after she and the other two mermaids 'accidentally' discover he is a merman. Zac always feels the most comfortable around Lyla and they form a very close bond. Zac discovers he has feelings for her later on. However, since Lyla was not seen for seasons 2 and 3, their friendship is now distant. Lyla ends up moving on with Nixie by joining another pod. - Zac and Lyla


She is the sister of Zac. During the seventh cycle, Zac began to have visions of the island of Mako, and the chamber of the trident with Mimmi who is capable of seeing them also. Rita finally revealed that Zac is the son of Nerissa and the brother of Mimmi. And Mimmi is capable of sharing visions with Zac because of their bloodline. Zac could not accept Mimmi as his sister and the truth of his adoption. They share a connection spirit. But Zac does not want to be involved in all this. He eventually accepts Mimmi, after a discussion with his adoptive parents.


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