Veridia is the leader of the mermaid council. Rita Santos and her went to Mermaid School together. Although she is unseen throughout season 1, she and the rest of the council made the decision to leave Mako and banish Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena from the pod after they allowed Zac to fall into the moon pool. Aquata has unseen meetings with the council requesting that Sirena be allowed back into the pod, and they eventually agree.

She plays a much larger role in season 2. Some time after Lyla and Nixie leave to search for a new home, Sirena attempts to convince her that Zac is their friend. Veridia does not believe Sirena, and refuses to hear anymore of the subject. This prompts Ondina and Mimmi to make another attempt to return Zac to normal with Sirena and they decide to do this without Veridia's permission. Ondina later owns up to this and although Veridia is angry at first, she gives the girls until the next full moon to sever Zac's connection with Mako. When the next full moon comes, she makes an unexpected arrival and is displeased with their failure to complete their task by her deadline. When Ondina explains the situation regarding the merman chamber, Veridia realizes Zac is a real merman as well as the son of Nerissa, and therefore must be dealt with by any means necessary. She implies that she intends to take Zac out of the picture for good. Rita reveals this revelation in the ensuing confrontation in the Merman Chamber, prepared to do whatever it takes to defend Zac from her former classmate. Learning Zac is her brother, Mimmi rebels and refuses to allow any harm to come to him. Ondina also turns against Veridia and joins Mimmi in defending Zac. Furious by their "disloyalty", Veridia deems Ondina and Mimmi traitors and banishes them from the pod before angrily taking her leave.