The Trident is the most powerful object in the sea that had ever existed and probably always will be.
Zac Jumping With Trident


According to Rita, some time ago, a pod of mermen had control over the Trident, it was so powerful it gave them power over both the land and the sea. It took mermaids from all five oceans to defeat the mermen and they hid the trident in the Trident Cave located on Mako Island in hope that no one would find it until Zac did. Lyla thought that it might be powerful enough to kill.



  • From what it seems from the episode Betrayal, when a mermaid touches the trident it sparks uncontrollably and repels them from itself.
  • The Trident had a similar affect on Zac as the full moon has on him, it drew him in, so he could wield the trident.
  • Its revealed that the trident has a strange effects on mermaid like the life is being sucked out of them.
  • In the season 2 finale Mimmi destroys the trident stone to give Zac the stones energy after Zac sacrifices his self for the mermaids and the moon pool