Season 2, Episode 9
Young mermaid
Air Date

February 13, 2015

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Land School


Keeping The Secret

Stowaway is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Mako Mermaids.


When David sees Evie in the water as a mermaid, it puts Zac and the girls' secret at risk unless they can convince David that he's wrong.


Ondina meets with the mermaid council and convinces them to give her, Mimmi, and Sirena till the next full moon to remove Zac's powers. A young mermaid, named Neptina, follows Ondina back to the mainland, inspired by Ondina's dedication and wanting to help her save Mako. The girls disapprove of her presence, but she convinces them to give her some food before sending her back to the pod. While Ondina is away, Neppy wanders off and, after seeing Erik swimming, sets him adrift in a boat with Carly. She then witnesses Evie helping Erik with her powers. Later, Ondina tells Neppy the truth about Erik and Evie and admits she kept this from the mermaid council. As Neppy begins to question Ondina's dedication to Mako, she lose her temper and hurts Neppy's feelings. Neppy runs away and is forced into hiding by a group of boys. Feeling guilty, Ondina asks Zac and Evie for their help to search for her. Zac finds Neppy and, after scaring the boys away, convinces her that he is not an enemy and takes her back to Rita's grotto. Ondina apologizes to Neppy and takes her back to the pod.