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Season three was released on May 27, 2016, on Netflix featuring 16 half-hour episodes.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

  • Cariba Heine as Rikki Chadwick

Guest Star


Weilan, a teenage Chinese mermaid, discovers a mysterious relic underwater and releases a terrifying water dragon. Weilan flees to Mako for sanctuary but the dragon follows. When the fearsome creature threatens not only the Mako pod but the Gold Coast, Ondina, Mimmi and Weilan must find a way to destroy the dragon before it destroys all that they have worked so hard to save. Also, in one last final confrontation Zac and Mimmi will find out the truth of what happened to their mother. It is also rumored that the water dragon will take Evie`s tale.


  1. A Visit From The East
  2. Seeing Is Believing
  3. Recipe for Success
  4. Mopping Up
  5. The Puzzle Box
  6. New Beginnings
  7. Turning the Tide
  8. The Way of the Dragon
  9. Reversal of Fortune
  10. Wishful Thinking
  11. Lost and Found
  12. Trust Issues
  13. Letting Go
  14. Age Before Beauty
  15. The Legend of Jiao Long
  16. Homecoming