Ring of Fire

Rikki using Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is an upgraded version of the power Hydro-Thermokinesis that a merpeson receives when in the moon pool during a planetary alignment.

Pyrokinesis is the ability for create, control and manipulate fire in your favor. This power also allows a mermaid to summon bolts of lightning from the sky. With this ability a mermaid can easily start, control and put out fires (even on water), and can summon lightning from the sky.

The hand-movement for this is the same as before, however Rikki is shown suddenly opening her palm in the chosen direction when summoning lightning, this may signify the sudden release of energy needed. Rikki  first discovered this power when trying to dry her clothes. At first, the water began to boil away as normal but all of the sudden a bolt of lightning came down from the sky (this could have been an example of electrokinesis) and shot the clothes line, setting her clothes on fire. Rikki accidentally set Lewis' pants on fire when she was trying to dry them in "Control ". Charlotte  set a plant on fire in "Three's Company ".  When Rikki was under the influence of the Full Moon her powers went out of control and when she went to Mako whatever she touched would set on fire.                                                       


  • The term Pyrokinesis was originally coined by Stephen King for his novel Firestarter.