1. Do not use profanity.
  2. No cyber-bullying. Bullying is very rude and can hurt other user's feelings. Being rude and insulting other users counts as bullying. Harassing and threatening also falls under this category.
  3. No inappropriate material. Younger children may watch Mako Mermaids and may go to this site.
  4. Do not erase information unless you know it is false.
  5. Do not write false information on a page. It will be immediately erased. Do not create a page with false information or it will be deleted.
  6. If you would like to delete a page, please see an admin.
  7. Stay on topic with the article you are on.
  8. No spamming! Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, usually just to get achievement points. Spamming falls under commenting the same thing more than once and editing a page once every word just to get achievement points.
  9. We have new rules about categories. Please follow them and do not add random categories that are not on this list.

Warning/Blocking Rules

Everytime you constantly break one of these rules, you get a warning. Three warnings and you get a ban. The time period of a ban can go from a few hours to permanently, depending on what you did. Also, if your ban is up and you still are breaking the rules we will expand the ban by week and soon you may even be permanently banned.