Doug McLaren


Portrayed by:
Steve Harman
39-40 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Evie McLaren (daughter)
Sarah McLaren † (wife)

Doug McLaren is Evie's father and Sarah's husband.


He is raising Evie alone because his wife, Sarah, has passed away. Before she passed away, she gave him a watch, making it irreplaceable in Doug and Evie's eyes.

Doug owns a dive tour business, in which he takes tourists to dive locations on the coast. He is shown to be an optimistic and cheerful man who is very loving towards his daughter Evie. He also thinks highly of her boyfriend Zac Blakely and is very accepting of their relationship since she has another person to look out for her in him with his wife gone. Zac in return, is very respecting and protective of Doug as well as Evie. When Doug's diving business was put in jeopardy by an unseen culprit, Zac was furious when he thought Ondina did it and was equally angry when he found out Erik did it. This act alone caused Zac to lose most of his trust and admiration for Erik.


  • The actor who plays it, Steve Harman, appears in the last episode of H2O: Just Add Water as a member of the crew of Dr. Denman.