“Close Call”
Season 1, Episode 12
Lyla and sirena hiding
Air Date

July 26th 2013 (Netflix)
11 October 2013 (Network Ten)


Anthony Morris


Evan Clarry

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Close Call is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of Mako Mermaids and was made available on Netflix on July 26 2013.


Zac's determination and curiosity about the trident grows and Lyla worries about the potential danger if he retrieves the artefact. While Lyla is focused on preventing Zac from getting it, Nixie and Sirena start to sell Sirena's self-made jewellery using shells and pearls she finds in the ocean in order to earn money rather than take from Rita. However, when Sirena goes out to find jewel pieces, Zac sees a glimpse of her tail, making him believe he may not be the only merman around despite the difference in tail colour. After hearing from Evie and Cam that Mako has underwater caves, Zac goes out to find if there are more mermen, worrying the girls that he may find the underwater entrance to the Moon Pool.


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